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SmugDesk 1388 High Back Mesh Office Chair Review

People spend a large portion of their life working in their offices. Our office has a lot of effect on our lifestyle, health, and workplace hygiene. Naturally, a comfortable office environment can help us a great deal in our daily routine at work. Our productivity during the regular day or night shifts depends on how comfortable and relaxing our office furniture is.

Most office chairs, produced by renowned and trusted brands, are manufactured while keeping their ergonomics in mind. This is to ensure that the hours you spend sitting on your chair aren’t painful due to lack of support. One brand that is known to manufacture such office-friendly chairs is SmugDesk. Their SmugDesk 1388 Office Chair can help you enjoy your work at the office and prevent back pain!

Here are some positive features of the SmugDesk Office Chair.

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SmugDesk 1388 High Back Mesh Office Chair Review


  1. Ergonomic Design

    The SmugDesk Office Chair is designed to be fully ergonomic and supportive. The headrest is designed to support your head and neck. It allows your head and neck to rest and avoids neck problems that can arise while working through the clock.

    The lumbar support is designed to hug your spine for a comfortable sitting position. Further, the seat is also 3-dimensional ergonomic to avoid stiffness. You can also recline the chair at 117° whenever you need to relax for a while. The dual functioning of the SmugDesk Office Chair serves as a useful addition to any office.

  2. Fully Adjustable

    Office chairs should ideally support movement and adjustment in different positions. If yours can only change in predetermined ways, you can try using the SmugDesk chair for more versatility. These adjustments can be made easily and quickly.

    Starting with the headrest, which can rotate in multiple directions so you can adjust it in any position you like. The armrest is also 3D adjustable and can be moved upwards, downwards, left, right, back, and forth.

    The lumbar support can also be as stiff or as relaxed as you want it to be. Its rotating wheels can rotate 360° to give you maximum room to move around even in small spaces.

  3. Long Lasting and Durable

    SMUGDESK Office Chair Mesh High Back and Adjustable HeadrestThe manufacturers at SmugDesk have taken certain steps to make this office chair as durable as possible. For starters, the mesh covers are breathable and do not tear easily. The five roller blade wheels are made of PU casters and can avoid scratching on floors. The three-tiered back mesh and headrest are also designed with state-of-the-art technology to permit long term use.

  4. Pocket-Friendly

    If you are starting up new, you’re definitely worried about investments and their profit. Office furniture is usually very expensive and can add to your business worries. On the other hand, this office chair by SmugDesk is a pretty valuable investment for those who cannot overburden their budget.

    It costs a lot less than a regular, high-end office chair without compromising on the material quality or durability. It will also last long enough to ensure that you get value for money.

  5. Easy to Assemble

    Another feature that we appreciate about the product is that it is easy to assemble and adjust. The instruction manual provides all the necessary details to guide you along with the steps you need to take to assemble the product.

    If you’re still confused, you can get in touch with the customer support and service department of the company. They’ll help you out with any trouble that you’re facing with your office chair.


  1. Material Quality

    Some users may think that the mesh, cotton, and other materials used to manufacture the product are too lightweight. This claim isn’t entirely false. The chair is made for customers with a sensitive budget, and therefore uses lighter materials instead of heavy-duty materials.

    However, there’s no need to worry regarding this quality affecting the performance. The affordable materials are substitutes for expensive ones but are just as sturdy and reliable. So, rest assured, you don’t have to worry about premature wearing or tearing of the material!

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To sum up our final thoughts, we can say that the SmugDesk 1388 Office Chair is a promising investment. For a low price, this chair offers full adjustability and is quite durable – a worthwhile investment!