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6 Best Back Support For Office Chairs – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Do you know that sitting for long hours can cause posture issues and back pain? This is especially common if you work at home or spend long hours sitting at a desk. This makes it important to take good care of your body. That includes getting the best back support for office chair to increase your comfort and peace of mind.

There are hundreds of back pillows for chairs on the market claiming to have ergonomic benefits. But you want products that provide adequate lumbar support for optimal comfort, improved posture, and enhanced circulation. However, choosing the ideal back support for your body and work schedule can be difficult. Consider your budget and other factors to get maximum value for money.

This article will help you make an informed choice. Our comprehensive buying guide shows you the important features and specifications to consider when shopping for back support. Let’s go!
office chair cushion reviews have valuable information for you.

Best Back Supports for Office Chairs

1. Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support for Office Chair Pure Memory FoamThis high quality product from Everlasting Comfort is made from 100% pure memory foam for exceptional longevity and comfort. Its universal contoured design allows you to place it on any location on an office or car seat. You can position it to support your neck, thorax, lower back, or spine. It is perfect for every other region of your torso, relieving pain and improving your posture.

This lumbar support for office chairs comes with dual adjustable straps. The feature allows you to secure the cushion tightly to the back of the seat. So you don’t distract yourself with frequent and annoying adjustments.

The cushion is covered with a hypoallergenic, breathable, 3D mesh. This improves airflow to keep your back dry and cool for optimal comfort. You can use this back rest on the couch, wheelchair, airplane, and any other structure with a surface to mount the straps.

2. LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion with 3D Mesh CoverThis lumbar support is designed to relieve lower and mid-back pain resulting from sitting for long hours. It features a curved structure that matches your back’s natural shape, improving spinal alignment and posture. It’s created from premium memory foam to provide adequate lumbar support and longevity. The foam conforms to your back’s shape to provide optimal comfort and stability.

The product now comes with two adjustable straps at the back to keep it firmly secured to the chair. This prevents it from sliding off your back. The straps make it possible to use the cushion in several settings. You can use it in the office, on the couch or sofa, in the car, or on a wheelchair.

The 3D mesh cover is breathable, removable, and washable. This mesh design improves ventilation, cooling your back and reducing sweat and irritation.

3. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Orthopedic Memory Foam and Lumbar Support PillowThis two set of cushions are designed to provide optimal comfort for the lumbar and coccyx, i.e., the tailbone. It comes with an anatomically shaped seat cushion to relieve pressure on the coccyx. And there is a lumbar support pillow for optimal back comfort.

These two cushions are made from high quality memory foam. They take the shape of your body for improved comfort. The seat has a nonslip bottom to keep it securely in place. Two adjustable straps prevent the lumbar support from slipping. You also get a 3D breathable mesh with the lumbar support. This improves airflow, reduces heat and lets you sit in comfort for extended periods.

The seat and lumbar support come with a built-in handle and washable zippered cover for fast and easy cleaning. These cushions are ideal for the office, vehicle, home, and flights. If your office seat is low and lacks a lumbar support, this is the perfect combo for you.

4. ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow for Office Chair

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow for Office ChairThis quality lumbar pillow from ComfiLife is ideal for lower back pain relief and posture support. Made with a contoured shape, this lumbar support improves the alignment of the lower spine curve. This makes it ideal for the office, car, and at home.

This product is recommended by chiropractors for people who suffer from lower back pain or postural issues. You can use it to manage your symptoms with or without medication, depending on your doctor’s advice.

For durability and comfort, this lumbar support is made from the best high-density memory foam that will last many years. It comes with 3D breathable mesh for optimal ventilation, allowing you to work or relax in comfort without sweat.

This product features two adjustable straps to allow you fix it onto chairs and other seats. You can remove the cover and wash when it’s dirty and the elastic straps make it flexible. This product comes with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

5. The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll Low Back Support

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll Low Back Support for Office ChairsThe Original McKenzie lumbar roll is designed to alleviate lower back pain for people who sit for long hours. This lumbar roll support comes in a unique design. You can fasten it to most seats or around the waist for proper spine alignment and improved posture.

It is a favorite of healthcare providers including physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedic manual therapists. These professionals recommend it for spine and back pain. This back support is perfect for office and classroom chairs, airplane seats, and vehicle seats. It is compatible with theater and sports stadium seats.

The product is made from a long-lasting and exceedingly comfortable foam. It comes with a built-in latex strap to secure it around the waist or chair backs. This lumbar support is available in firm density or standard density depending on your needs. It has been a favorite of users for over 25 years.

6. RelaxSupport RS1 Back Support Pillow

RelaxSupport Lower Back Support Pillow for Office ChairDo you want a lumbar support that provides the right combination of comfort and ergonomics? This product from RelaxSupport is getting good reviews from users. Despite being firm, this unique cushion is soft and provides adequate support for the back.

It comes with the company’s proprietary STEADFASTGRIP strap technology which keeps the pillow in place regardless of your movement. The product features adjustable straps to mount it on most chairs and seats seamlessly.

The RS1 back support pillow is ideal for use at the office, while traveling, and at home. It is suitable for pregnant women, commuters, and those on a wheelchair. The product is made from premium grade memory foam and has a breathable cotton cover. Cotton is a moisture-wicking material, so your back feels cool and aerated always.

The cover is removable and machine washable, making cleaning fast and easy. And you can get a complete refund if this product does not deliver expected results.

What Is Lumbar Support?

Lumbar support is an accessory that offers extra support to the lumbar region of the back. It helps maintain proper spine alignment and natural curvature of the back. The lumbar refers to the five vertebrae in the spine between the diaphragm and sacrum.

With modern lifestyles making us spend more of our active time in seats, the lumbar region comes under increasing stress. An injury sustained in the lumbar region can cause lower back pain and make everyday activities difficult and joyless. This can be disastrous if you work at a desk or drive to work every day.

Many office chairs and seats come with lumbar support. But a lot of office furniture lack this important feature probably for cost and aesthetic reasons.

This makes it important to get yourself a high-quality lumbar support pillow. The cushion will support your spine’s natural shape and alignment and prevent life-altering back injuries.

best back support for office chair

A lumbar support pillow prevents back pain and reduces tension in your spine. It also relaxes your back muscles and tendons and reduces the risk of injuries.

If you buy a well-designed lumbar support, it will improve the alignment of your neck and shoulders. Lumbar support pillows can also enhance circulation and promote airflow to your back.
As you’ve discovered in the product reviews above, lumbar supports are versatile pie

ces of furniture. You can use them in the office, at home, on the airplane, in the car, and so many other places. But you won’t get this flexibility except you buy a lumbar support from a reliable brand.

Back Support for Office Chair Buying Guide

It is important to have a back support for your office chair to work in comfort and prevent injuries. But it is far more important to know what to look for in a lumbar support before spending your money.

The market is flooded with many lumbar support products with varying claims of efficacy. They may all claim to use high quality foam. But there is a specific material to look out for if you want longevity and comfort.

This buying guide will show you important questions to ask when looking for back support for your office chair. It will list the critical features and specifications to check in the back support you buy.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, your chiropractor or physical therapist might recommend a new seat. Check out our detailed reviews of office chairs for back pain to improve your symptoms and work in comfort.

What to Consider When Buying a Back Support for Office Chair

Before buying a lumbar support for your office chair, it is important to check out these factors:

  • Where You Want to Use it

    An important question to ask before buying a lumbar support pillow is where you plan to use it. These pillows can be multipurpose or dedicated. Some are designed for use with office chairs and others may be perfect for cars or wheelchairs.

    Since you are buying for your office chair, you might want to get one that will fit your work seat perfectly. However, it’s best to buy a model you can use for the office, the car, and other places.

    Fortunately, most of the top brands are versatile enough for multiple seat types and chairs. Meanwhile, here is a detailed guide if you are thinking of choosing a desk lamp for your workstation.

  • Material

    back support pillow materialsYou want to buy a lumbar support that is made with 100% memory foam. Memory foam is what health professionals recommend for lower back pain and related spinal issues. The material compresses to your body’s unique anatomy, providing the support your back needs to relax and stay comfortable.

    Genuine memory foam does not flatten after some time. It will always return to its original shape when you are not resting on the pillow. For maximum comfort and longevity, get a lumbar support with premium quality memory foam.

  • Size and Weight

    It is important to consider the size and weight before choosing a lumbar support pillow. The cushion should fit your office chair perfectly to get an optimal support for your spine and lower back.

    You also want something lightweight if you plan to take it everywhere you go. The best lumbar support pillows are portable, lightweight, and dense enough to provide adequate support to your lumbar region.

  • Adjustability

    Get a lumbar support that provides maximum adjustability. You should be able to adjust it to fit any part of your chair for improved comfort. The pillow should have adjustable straps that will make it easy to attach and adjust it to a variety of surfaces.

  • Attachment

    The top lumbar support pillows are easy to attach to different seats and chairs. For best results, get a model you can attach to a variety of chairs and seats.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The whole point of buying a lumbar support is to increase the ergonomics of your workstation. This makes it vital to buy products with an ergonomic design that will provide adequate support, ventilation, and comfort.

    Ergonomically designed lumbar support pillows will have contours that conform to your body shape. This allows you to merge with the foam for optimal spinal alignment.

  • Ventilation

    The most popular lumbar support pillows deliver adequate ventilation to your back. They achieve this by using 3D mesh covers that promote air circulation to your back.

    Some can even wick away any moisture from overheating and sweat. That way, you can work in comfort without perspiration or itches getting in the way.

  • Your Body Temperature

    Most quality lumbar support pillows contain memory foam. But this foam can retain heat and will become hot after resting your back on it for long periods. If you have a high body temperature, buy a pillow with a breathable cover to reduce overheating.

  • Return Policy

    Since you probably will order the pillow online, you want to buy from a brand that offers a generous and genuine return policy. This will protect your money if the product does not fit your purposes.

    You might need to try several models before hitting the perfect cushion for your body and office chair. Before that time, a return policy allows you to get your money back if you didn’t get the desired results.

office chair back support features

5 Important Features & Specs of Back Support for Office Chairs

Here are essential features and specifications to look out for in back support for office chairs:

  1. Adjustable Straps

    For optimal comfort, get a lumbar support with adjustable straps that allow you fit the pillow firmly to your seat. This will prevent the cushion from sliding off your back when you move, reducing distraction and discomfort.

    There are models that come with a single adjustable strap and others have two. From experience and reviews, the brands that have two straps provide a more secure fit. They are less likely to slide off your office chair.

  2. Spinal Channel

    It is important for your lumbar support to have a spinal channel. This feature provides optimal support for your spine and improves its natural curvature.

  3. Removable and Washable Cover

    You also want to buy a lumbar support that has a removable and washable cover. This will allow you to clean the cover and keep it in an almost new condition for a long time. If possible, get a model that is machine washable to make the cleanup even easier.

  4. Height of the Lumbar Support

    It is important to check the dimensions before buying a lumbar support pillow, especially if you are tall. Taller people need lumbar supports that will cradle their lower back region properly. If you buy a shorter version, it may be difficult to position the pillow at an optimal position.

  5. Moisture Wicking

    High quality lumbar support cushions keep your back cool, aerated, and sweat free. They achieve this with breathable mesh materials that promote air inflow and direct the ventilation towards your back.

    These products also have exceptional moisture wicking abilities, allowing them to suck away sweat and keep you dry and cool. Most brands use cotton for this purpose but there are other materials with excellent sweat-reducing abilities too.

    This feature is important if you have a high body temperature. It can also prevent the memory foam from overheating.

lumbar support buying guide

Effects of Lumbar Support on Posture & Comfort

Researchers at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College conducted this survey. Its aim was to test the effect of lumbar support pillows on lumbar and comfort for people who seat for prolonged periods at work.

The research subjects comprised 28 males, including those with and without low back pain. These participants were told to sit for 30 minutes in a standard office chair and another chair with a lumbar support pillow.

These researchers measured lumbar and thoracolumbar postures, comfort, and chair support effects. Study results suggest that lumbar support pillows improved comfort in healthy individuals and people with low back pain. The results also showed a reduction in lumbar flattening and an increase in thoracolumbar curvature.

There is a need for more research into the effect of lumbar support on posture and comfort. However, this study suggests using lumbar support pillows provides benefits for posture and spine alignment in healthy people and patients with low back pain.

8 Benefits of Lumbar Support Pillows

Here are benefits of using lumbar support pillows:

  1. Improves Posture

    Lumbar support pillows help improve a healthy posture by aligning your spine and maintaining the natural curvature of your back. A healthy posture gives you a confident and attractive appearance and makes clothes more fitting on you. A good posture also improves blood circulation and reduces tension in the back and spine.

  2. Prevents Slouching

    Lumbar support pillows prevent slouching by maintaining your spine’s natural curvature. Slouching makes your back bend unnaturally in the opposite direction. After a long period, slouching can cause your back muscles to tighten and pinch the nerves in the spinal canal, causing back pain.
    In severe cases, slouching can cause vertebral deformities and serious disk problems. Using a high quality lumbar support pillow can prevent slouching and the many problems that come with it.

  3. Portability

    Lumbar support pillows are lightweight and portable, so you can carry them wherever you go. Most come with handles and are small enough to fit into a small bag. So whether you are traveling or going to the office, these small cushions are portable bundles of comfort.

  4. Fast Pain Relief

    Chiropractors, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists recommend back support pillows as a remedy for back pain. The cushion provides almost instant results and requires no complicated manipulations or expensive medications.

  5. Affordable

    Back support pillows, even models from top brands, are extremely affordable. Even the best products on the market carry a sub-$50 price tag. This makes them affordable alternatives to medication and other methods of preventing and treating back pain and postural defects.

  6. Versatile

    Lumbar support pillows are flexible. Most brands have a simple universal design that allows you to use them in the office, at home, in public transport, and the stadium.
    Whether you drive long hours or spend a lot of time seated behind a desk, you can buy one lumbar support cushion for different locations. Their adjustable straps mean you can fix them on varieties of chairs and seats. Most lumbar supports can also ease the pain in your neck and shoulders, you only need to adjust their position.

  7. Relaxes Tense Muscles

    A lumbar support pillow is designed to improve your posture, reducing the tension in your back muscles. This allows the muscles to relax and promotes faster healing if you have back pain or injuries.

  8. Improves Sleep

    Lumbar support pillows are not only versatile while sitting, it can also help reduce back pain when you sleep. Depending on the way you sleep, a lumbar support pillow can keep your spine, pelvis, and hips in alignment. This can reduce back pain and help you get a deep and relaxing night rest.

benefits of back support for office chair infographic

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Positioning an Office Chair for Back Support in 8 Steps

If you use an adjustable office chair, you should be able to position it optimally for back support. Use these steps to position your chair for improved lumbar support:

Chair Setup and Usage for Improved Lumbar Support

  1. Adjust Seat Height

    To optimize your office chair for back support, the first step is to adjust the seat height to your body. For best results, your knee caps should be a bit above the seat pan. Once you’ve adjusted the height, sit in the chair and adjust the cylinder to the ideal height.

    The ideal seat height will keep your elbows at the same level with your desk. Meanwhile, keep your back firmly against the chair back and your feet on the ground with your knees at right angles.

    You may also want to check out our reviews of the best office chair cushions. These cushions are designed to keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

  2. Keep Your Feet Firmly on the Floor

    Sit on the chair with your back pressed to the backrest and check your feet are firmly on the ground. It is crucial for you to plant your feet on the floor to maintain proper posture and low back comfort.

    You will need to raise your feet with a footrest if they don’t reach the floor. This will provide an optimal foot elevation and keep your legs and knees at a good position.

  3. Adjust the Depth of the Seat Pan

    Adjusting the seat pan moves it closer or away from the chair back. You want the seat pan to be closer to the chair back if you are a short person.

    For taller users, it may be ideal to move the seat pan away from the chair back. When seated, leave some space between the back of your knee and the seat cushion. This will improve the ergonomics of your workstation.

  4. Adjust Chair Angle

    You may also want to set the chair angle horizontally or angled. An office chair that is adjusted horizontally or backward sloping helps maintain good posture and relaxes the back muscles. However, a chair that is angled forward will improve back posture, allow more space for the hips and relieves pressure beneath the thighs.

  5. Position the Lumbar Support

    Does your office chair have a lumbar support, or you bought an aftermarket back support pillow? It is important to place and adjust it properly to get the desired result.

    Place the lumbar support at the small of your back just above the belt line. That way, the cushion will fit in the natural curve of your spine, helping you maintain back alignment.

  6. Adjust the Backrest Angle

    You also want to adjust the backrest angle backward or forward. For ergonomic workstations, the best position is an upright sitting posture. You can recline the backrest when working on a computer screen or talking.

  7. Position the Headrest

    You also need to adjust the headrest if your chair has one. A well-positioned headrest supports your neck and head when you recline your body while looking at the computer screen. It keeps your head at almost eye level with the computer monitor to avoid straining your neck and shoulders.

  8. Position the Arms

    If your office chair has arms, you want to adjust them so that your elbows can rest comfortably at your side. This reduces pressure and strain on the shoulders and upper back.

How Do I Use a Lumbar Support?

choosing a back support for office chair: posture graphic
After buying a lumbar support pillow, it’s important to know how to use it correctly to get the best results. When seated, place the pillow vertically across the back of your office chair.

The pillow should be flush against the lower part of your back. This position allows the pillow to support the natural curvature of your spine. It keeps your hips, shoulders, and ears in alignment.

Some people place it in the exact location where they have back pain. This may not work for everybody.

For best results, position the lumbar support below your back’s natural curve. That way, it rests below your spine and helps you maintain a straight posture.

Correct Sitting Position with Lumbar Support

Here is the correct sitting position when using a lumbar support:

  • Slouch completely while sitting at the end of your office chair.
  • Pull yourself into a straight posture so that your back attains full curvature. Maintain this position for a few seconds.
  • Relax your posture for about 10 degrees.
  • Use a lumbar support on a high-back chair with arm rests so you can rest your elbows comfortably at angle 90 degrees.
  • Adjust the height of your office chair and workstation. Your elbows and arms should rest on the chair or desk to relax your shoulders.
  • If your chair is the pivoting or rolling type, always turn your whole body while sitting instead of twisting at the waist.

How to Support Your Back Every Day

Your back plays a vital role in every activity you perform. You need it to sit properly, maintain a healthy posture, lift items, play games and most physical activities. But most people take their backs for granted.

Sitting for extended periods carrying heavy loads can exert immense pressure on your spine and back muscles. This can cause serious injuries, lower back pain, strained necks and shoulders, and other problems.

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Ease The Back Pain

Thankfully, there are things you can do to support your spine every day.

  1. How to Support Your Back While Sitting

    • Position your office chair so your knees are at right angles.
    • Adjust your chair’s backrest to an angle that pushes your lower back forward slightly. Chairs with a lumbar support will have adjustments for this. You can also use an aftermarket lumbar support pillow.
    • Try to elevate your feet with a footrest or something that will raise them above your knees slightly.
    • This will reduce the tension and pressure on your lower back.
    • Press your back and buttocks against the chair to support your spine.
    • Take a straight posture with your head tall and chin pulled in.
    • Reduce the distance between your chair and desk to the minimum possible. This prevents leaning forward and losing the support of the backrest.
    • If you are in a vehicle, adjust your car seat to provide adequate support to the back. You should adjust the seat to allow enough room for the knees to move freely.
  2. How to Support Your Back While Reading from a Screen

    • Avoid staying in one position for extended periods. Engage in another activity or change position every 30 minutes or every hour.
    • Sit up straight and look directly forward when reading from monitors or mobile screens.
    • Keep your computer screen at eye level to prevent straining your neck and shoulders and impairing your posture.
    • Use a hands-free device on long calls to reduce strain on your neck, upper back, and arms.
  3. How to Support Your Back While Lifting an Object

    • Bend your legs when lifting heavy objects to spare the back excessive strain.
    • When lifting or carrying heavy loads, keep the item close to the body so it does not excessively pressure your back.
    • When carrying a baby for a long period, alternate him/her from one side to the other to prevent excessive leaning.
  4. How to Support Your Back While Walking

    • When walking, jogging, or running, swing your arms evenly and briskly.
    • Walk with your spine straight, rather than leaning to one side or slumping.

Simple Exercises for Back Support

Stand up and move every 20 to 30 minutes. Stretch your limbs to relax the muscles. Add low-impact aerobic workouts like pushups and squats to boost circulation and relax your muscles.

Low-impact aerobic exercises can strengthen your back muscles, reduce stress on the lumbar spine, and release pain-relieving endorphins.

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Here are commonly asked questions about lumbar support pillows:

  • Q: Do you need a doctor’s prescription to buy a lumbar support?
    A: No, you can buy a lumbar support whenever you need one. The lumbar support pillow is an FDA approved item for treating chronic pain, low back pain, and other spine-related issues.Many chiropractors and physical therapists recommend it as a safe and affordable alternative to expensive and time-consuming medication. Yet, you don’t need a prescription to buy one.This makes it an effective and affordable treatment method for back pain and related problems. However, it is important to seek professional help if your back pain is undiagnosed or doesn’t relieve you after using a lumbar support.
  • Q: Can I use a lumbar support in place of a back brace?
    A: A lumbar support differs from a back brace. The lumbar support is designed specifically to support the spine and maintain the natural curvature of the lumbar vertebrae. People use back braces to strengthen and stabilize weak back muscles and correct general postural issues.
  • Q: Can I use a lumbar support to treat back injuries?
    A: The ideal treatment for your back pain depends on the diagnosis and recommendation of your healthcare provider. If your chiropractor or physical therapist recommends a lumbar support for your back injury, then it will most likely relieve your symptoms. While lumbar support pillows can improve back problems and reduce pain, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution to all back injuries.
  • Q: Can children use lumbar support pillows?
    A: Anybody regardless of age and size can use lumbar support pillows. The pillows come in different sizes to cater to the needs of a wide range of users.
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Wrap Up

Most people now spend a huge chunk of their time in seats. Whether in the office, at home, or in traffic, we continue to find ourselves in different sitting positions. Unfortunately, sitting for long hours is not ideal for posture and back health. It can cause serious back pains and postural defects.

If your work requires sitting for extended periods, we advise you buy the best lumbar support for office chair. It can improve your comfort and enhance productivity. These lumbar support pillows cradle your spine and lower back. They reduce pressure on your back muscles and spine disks.

The top lumbar support cushions can also release tension in your neck and shoulders and improve general posture. But you need to know the things to look for when buying a high-quality lumbar support. We hope this guide will help you buy an affordable lumbar support pillow that will ease your back pain