The Ultimate Guide for Feng Shui’ing Your Offiice

Use Colors for Your Feng Shui Office

When you are designing your office environment, not only should you strive to have a desk setup that is practical for your work purposes, but you should also try to ensure that your desk would create positive energy so that you feel more motivated and energized as you work. Most people spend most of the day sitting at their computer desk, and when you spend several hours sitting in the same position looking at the same desk, it is easy for your morale to slide.

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Simple ideas such as choosing colors that will complement your working environment and enhance your mood can help you to have a happier working environment.feng-shui-office-design

For many years, Feng Shui colors have been considered to be powerful tools when it comes to creating the best environments. Whether you are an executive with a busy and demanding job, or if you are new to working in an office, there are many ways in which Feng Shui elements can help you to create a good office environment. Offices don’t often give many opportunities to use color, but using the elements, it is possible to create a more positive working environment.

The Feng Shui Elements are comprised of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They have particular color associations for each one and these colors can have an effect on the way that you work in your office.

  • Wood

    Wood is the element that is represented by medium to light blue colors and green. It is believed that wood colors help to promote growth and teamwork and are said to be important for new beginnings.

    If you are working on a new project, you should try to introduce blues and greens to your office environment. It can also help to strengthen teamwork and can even help your business or career to grow. If you are worried about the strength of your career, you could try to use wood colors to help you to feel more confident at work.

    Wood colors could be added by using green plants on your desk or blue journals.

  • Fire

    If you’re looking to inject some energy and high reputation into your office environment, you should consider adding fire colors. These include dark pinks and red colors. The fire element will help you to generate passion within your office environment.

    In addition, fire is also used in business when a company wants to increase its visibility, possibly with a new marketing campaign for example.

    A good way of introducing fire colors to your office could be to use red folders for filing for example.

  • Earth

    Yellow, gold and tan colors are the ones that symbolize the earth element. Stability and nourishment are encouraged using the earth color. If you want to instill power and control, then these are the colors that you should choose.

    Some of the kinds of businesses that would benefit from using earth colors are accounting or law firms who need to use a strong and authoritative attitude towards their work in order to get the results and outcomes that they need.

    If you have times in your career where you need to calm your nerves and face important executives for example, then the earth colors would also be suitable for your desk.

  • Metal

    Metal is the element that you need to choose when you want to improve creativity and organization as well as promoting calmness and an enjoyable working atmosphere. The color that is used to represent the metal element is white.

    It’s not surprising that white is used in so many office environments, usually on the walls and ceilings. It’s never a good idea to be too bold when it comes to office décor, and white is often chosen, as it is the color that is most likely to create a calm and confident working environment.

    Although your office may already have enough of the metal element in the décor, you may still wish to introduce some of the other elements to ensure that you get a good balance of all the benefits that these Feng Shui colors can offer.

    One of the best elements to mix with earth is fire as it brings warmth to the coolness of metal. You could try adding a red office chair or red flowers to your desk so that you can add some of the passion offered by the fire element.

  • Water

    Mystery, insight and creative perception are all symbolized by the watercolors of black and dark blue. If you have a job that requires you to be creative and to come up with ideas frequently, then you should introduce watercolors.

    The water element is especially important if you want to think outside the box to keep coming up with fresh ideas for your boss or business.

    It’s relatively easy to introduce the watercolors to your desk by using black or dark blue paperweights, pens or pictures.