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7 Best Folding Chairs – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Folding chairs used to be a preserve of outdoor surroundings. But you will find them in the kitchen, bedroom and other interior spaces. We love the simple and minimalist build of these chairs, and we believe you do too. What most people don’t love is getting grumpy after planting their bottom in low-quality folding chairs. Such situations are avoidable if you buy the best folding chairs for your indoor and outdoor needs.

A quick Google search of the term folding chairs returns over 80 million results. This creates a real problem if you want to choose a quality and affordable folding chair that offers optimal comfort. We’ve got you covered. We researched the top brands on the market to create this detailed folding chair reviews. This article includes a buying guide to help you pick quality folding chairs that will last long. Here we go!

Best Folding Chairs

1. COSCO Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)

Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair BlackThese durable steel folding chairs from COSCO are ideal for home use, parties, and camping. The chairs come with a padded seat and back for exceptional warmth and comfort. This makes them a favorite of guests. You can choose from three different builds including all steel, steel and fabric, and steel and vinyl.

These COSOC folding chairs feature a sturdy steel construction with a strong cross brace. They have a durable tube-in-tube reinforced frames and non-marring leg tips. These qualities allow the chair to support up to 250 pounds’ weight, which is perfect for most people.

These chairs fold tightly after use, making them easy to pack and store. They are easy to clean, low maintenance, and have a long-lasting powder coat finish for longevity.

Despite being affordable, these folding chairs are stylish and blend with your interior or exterior decor. If you need comfortable and reliable folding chairs, this model makes an great choice.

2. Hercules and Trade Series Folding Chair

Flash Furniture Hercules Series Premium Plastic Folding Chair WhiteIf you need purpose-built folding chairs for your garden or outdoor activities, these Hercules and Trade products foot the bill. With a whopping 650-pound capacity, these premium white plastic chairs make an excellent seat for every type of outdoor events.

Weighing only seven pounds, this lightweight chair is strong and durable. It features textured seats to keep your butt firmly planted and comfortable. The non-marring floor caps protect the stands from hard surfaces.

The chair has a contoured seat and back to conform to your body’s shape to increase comfort. It folds into a tight and compact piece for easy storage. You can also stack the chairs on top of one another. This chair has drainage holes to prevent liquid from pooling in the seat when left outdoors. It is a low maintenance chair and requires only a quick wipe to keep it clean.

3. OFM Essentials Collection Multipurpose Padded Metal Folding Chair

OFM Essentials Collection Multipurpose Padded Metal Folding ChairThis OFM Essentials folding chair combines comfort with affordability and durability. Featuring an all steel construction, the chair has a fully padded seat and backrest for optimal comfort and reliability.

The chair has a beautiful powder-coated finish that protects the frame from rust and the elements. This folding chair is perfect for a wide range of uses. You can use it indoors, at parties, and even take it along on your outdoor adventures.

It is easy to transport, and even easier to set up, pack, and store. The chair folds flat instantly into a compact and easy-to-store shape. This multipurpose padded folding chair is optimized for ease of use. It comes with non-marring leg tips that prevent it from damaging the flooring.

The chair is durable, comfortable, and ideal for formal and informal settings. It comes with the company’s limited lifetime warranty so you can use it with peace of mind.

4. COSCO Espresso Wood Folding Chair with vinyl seat & Ladder Back

Cosco Wood Folding Chair with vinyl seat & Ladder BackThis beautiful wood folding chair from COSCO combine elegance with functionality. The chair features a sturdy wood construction and has a rustic and yet appealing appearance.It is available in ladder back and X-back design. The product is ideal for indoor and outdoor events such as weddings, garden parties, and barbecues.

This folding chair has a unique espresso color and black vinyl seats that blends with most decor. The chair is designed for use with COSCO’s 32-inch Square Wood Folding Table. Both pieces feature the same durable timber construction and lustrous finish.

This sturdy chair is easy to maintain and simple to use. It folds easily into a compact form for quick transport and storage. After use, you only need to wipe the chair clean to retain its shiny finish. When paired with the table, these wood folding chairs make an excellent melting pot for the family and guests.

5. Flash Furniture Bamboo Folding Chair

Flash Furniture Bamboo Folding ChairIf you are a fan of rustic chic decors, then this beautiful bamboo folding chair will make your day. Featuring a sturdy build and exceptional attention to detail, this chair is ideal for the indoors and outdoors.

Users report the chair handles up to 250 pounds without issues. This attests to the product’s durable quality and construction. However, you may need to invest in chair pads. This is because it seems the seat is a bit lower than normal.

This bamboo folding chair features a ladder frame and rounded seats and backrests for improved comfort. It will stand out at upscale events and accentuate your interior or exterior decor perfectly.

The chair has a clear coated glossy finish that leaves an appealing luster and protects the wood from the elements. Its supportive braces offer extra seat support, allowing the chair to bear immense weight without damage.

6. Lifetime 42804 Commercial Grade Folding Chair

Lifetime 42804 Commercial Grade Folding Chair WhiteLike the name of the manufacturer, this folding chair is designed for lifetime use. It is made from high-density polyethylene for exceptional durability and strength. The chair is a lightweight, low maintenance, type suitable for all weather.

The 42804 commercial grade folding chair features a wide seat and a tall back. It provides plenty of room to rest your butt and spine. Its seat has rounded edges for comfort. And the frame comes with protective non-marring foot caps to prevent damage while moving on hard flooring.

At just 10.5 pounds, this chair has a lightweight and durable design. The steel frame is powder coated to prevent rust and ensure longevity. This chair is an all-weather resistant product, so you can leave it out in the garden or the patio. It is easy to pack, simple to clean, and exceeds all BIFMA standards.

This folding chair is strong, durable, and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. AmazonBasics Folding Plastic Chair

AmazonBasics Folding Plastic Chair 350 Pound Capacity BlackThis 2-set folding plastic chair from AmazonBasics is affordable, durable, and comfortable. Despite the simple design, the product combines molded plastic and metal. The result is a strong folding chair suitable for indoor and outdoor fun.

The durable steel frame features cross braces and tube-in-tube reinforcements. This gives the chair an exceptional load-bearing capacity of 350 pounds and improves stability. Whether you are having a barbeque party or game night, this chair is easy to use, pack, and transport.

This chair has a molded plastic seat and back for comfortable sitting and support. The steel frame features a powder-coated finish to improve its survivability in the elements. It also comes with non-marking foot tips to prevent scratches on surfaces and floors.

This chair has a quick folding mechanism that transforms it into a flat form for easy transport and storage. It is an affordable and sturdy folding chair for indoor and outdoor events.

Folding Chair Buying Guide

Buying a folding chair might look simple. But you will have a rethink after reading harrowing reports of low quality and sometimes dangerous folding chairs.

Some chairs collapse under the weight of their occupants and others give off a noxious odor from the finish. It helps to know what to consider and the top features you need in a folding chair.

This buying guide will show you the top considerations, features, and specifications to check before choosing a folding chair.

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10 Important Considerations When Buying a Folding Chair

Here are important factors to consider when shopping for a folding chair:

  1. Comfort

    One important factor to consider when choosing a folding chair is comfort. The comfortability of a folding chair depends on the material, design, structure, and construction.

    Chairs with padded seats and backs offer the highest level of comfort. But they are also the most expensive.
    You can still get optimal utility from minimalist designs if the seats have curved edges. Some brands use hard materials to improve durability and reduce cost. But this can decrease comfort. You can go for this type and invest in a chair pad to enjoy all the benefits.

    If you plan to use the folding chair regularly, don’t scrimp on comfort. Get the best chair you can afford.

  2. Load Capacity

    Another important consideration is the chair’s load capacity. Most top folding chairs can support 250 pounds easily. But some brands produce chairs that can bear weights up to 650 pounds and higher.
    You want to future-proof your investment by buying a chair with the highest load capacity you can afford. That way, the chair won’t collapse under the weight of a guest.

  3. Seat Material

    Folding chairs can have a wide range of seat material. It could be steel, wood, plastic, vinyl, and even fabric. Some come with mesh seats and others may have padded cushions for more comfort.
    If you are buying for indoor use, any seat material will do. For outdoor use, choose something minimalist because the padding may not be strong enough to withstand the elements.

  4. Frame Material

    Folding chairs can be made with a variety of frame materials including steel, plastic, polyethylene, and wood. The most durable and long-lasting models have a steel frame.

    Manufacturers combine different materials to achieve a perfect balance of comfort, weight, quality, and cost-efficiency. If you are buying a metal chair, choose one with a powder-coated finish to protect the chair from the elements.
    Whatever you decide, it is important for the chair frame to be sturdy enough to endure heavyweight and resist the weather. You may also want to check out this review of the best desk lamp for office and home use.

  5. Assembly

    High-quality folding chairs have a quick assembly mechanism that makes set up and packing fast and simple. You want to buy one-piece folding chairs that will fold in and out within seconds. That way, you won’t spend unnecessary time in assembling and disassembling the chairs every time.

  6. Storage and Transportation

    The storage and transportation of folding chairs depends on the weight and design. Plastic and vinyl chairs may be lightweight. But they lack the robust strength, durability, and load capacity of metal variants.
    The design is also an important factor here. Some folding chairs snap into a compact shape that require less space for storage. Others can be stacked on top of one another to conserve space.
    Before you choose any brand, it’s important to consider the ease of storage and transportation.

  7. Portability

    One of the original selling points of folding chairs is their portability. If this is a deal-breaker for you, choose lightweight models that offer considerable load capacity and durability. Thankfully, most top brands produce folding chairs that are easy to move.

  8. Size

    When shopping for a folding chair, you want to choose a sizeable model. This is important for comfort and storage. It’s better to choose a model with wide seats so you and your guests don’t cramp yourself uncomfortably into the chair.
    A moderate-sized chair is easier to store and transport. This is because the weight is lower and the chair will occupy less space.

  9. Weather Resistance

    The best brands make folding chairs that are all-weather resistant. This is a major consideration if you are buying for outdoor use.
    Go for chairs that have a protective coating that shields them from the sun’s UV rays. That way, the chair won’t lose its color and wear out quickly if you keep it outside.

  10. Low Maintenance

    It is better to choose folding chairs that are easy to maintain. The best models require only dusting or wiping with a cloth to keep them clean.
    Some even have drainage holes to prevent spills and rain water from pooling in the seat and frames.

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A List of the Most Important Folding Chair Features and Specifications

Here are important features and specifications to consider when buying a folding chair:

  1. Dimensions

    This is the width, depth, and height of the seat and back. Most folding chairs have enough height and depth space. It is usually the width that is a problem.
    Before buying, ensure the brand of folding chair you choose has wide seats to sit users comfortably.

  2. Frame Finish

    This refers to the coating on the frame. Most steel or metal framed folding chairs come with a powder coating. This provides a shiny surface and protects the material from environmental degradation. Wooden folding chairs may also come with a powder coating or glossy finish.

  3. Non-Marring Foot Caps

    This feature is used to prevent the folding chair from scratching the ground. If you will move the chair on hard flooring surfaces, you want it to come with these caps to prevent damage.

  4. Back

    The back can be full-sized or half. If you intend to use the chair for long periods, go for the full-backed option. these provide more surface area to support your back.

  5. Color

    There are a wide variety of colors to choose from when buying a folding chair. The common colors include black, white, grey, and blue. It’s best to buy a folding chair that matches your decor.

  6. Certification

    Folding chairs undergo a series of tests to determine their safety, reliability, and durability. A few brands produce models that meet ANSI and BIFMA standards, but this is often unnecessary. But try to buy a chair made from quality materials.

  7. Weight Capacity

    This is also an important specification. The higher the weight capacity, the more load the folding chair can carry with no problem. Choose a model that offers at least 250 pounds weight capacity.

  8. Reinforcements

    Manufacturers include braces in the frame of their folding chairs to strengthen the structure and provide more stability. Not all chairs come with this feature, but it would be nice to have it for peace of mind. Some chairs also have a tube-in-tube construction for more rigidity and balance.

  9. Warranty

    To protect your investment, it is better to buy a folding chair that comes with a generous warranty. These products last long and an extended warranty can protect you in case the chair gets damaged midlife.

  10. Usage Hours

    Folding chairs are rated for continuous use by the hour. Some may offer only five hours of continuous use per day while others can provide up to 10 hours.
    To get maximum utility, buy a chair that allows you to sit continuously for extended periods.

  11. Frame Specifications

    This refers to the material used for the frame, specifically the gauge of the steel. The lower the number, the thicker the metal frame which increases the weight.
    High quality folding chairs use 18-gauge steel frames, and this is one of the sturdiest materials you can get. However, you may opt for something lower based on your preferences and budget.

  12. Padding

    If the chair is padded, check the quality of the material used for the cushion. Some brands use foam while others have other materials of varying density. Choose a chair with a quality padding that won’t collapse after a short period of use.

  13. Fabric

    If the chair has a seat and back made from cloth, check the quality of the fabric. Top brands use high-quality fabric that is breathable, removable, and washable.

  14. Accessories

    It is best to buy folding chairs that have replaceable parts. That way, you can stock up on screws, rivets, and other parts to keep the chairs in top shape always.

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Types of Folding Chairs According to Material and Function

Folding Chair Material Types :

There are several types of folding chairs on the market. They include:

  1. Plastic Folding Chairs

    Plastic folding chairs are affordable, durable and lightweight. They come in a variety of styles and designs because plastic is moldable into any shape.

    Plastic folding chairs are less expensive compared to metal or wooden types but they are also more fragile. If you are buying plastic folding chairs, go for models made from high-density polyethylene plastic and other premium materials.

    High quality plastic folding chairs have UV protection and won’t lose their color under exposure to the sun. Often, these chairs have a metal frame and plastic seats and backrests.

    Commercial event centers prefer plastic folding chairs because of their low price, attractive design, and stackable storage. They are also easy to clean, set up, store, and transport.

    When choosing plastic chairs, buy one made with high-quality materials from a reputable company. You might be tempted to go for the cheapest, but this often compromises quality.

    Check the thickness of the legs, how the plastic is joined to the metal (screw or rivets). You should also consider the weight and the coating of the frame.

  2. Metal Folding Chairs

    Metal folding chairs are the most durable. They are excellent for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand serious rough handling and frequent use.

    Metal folding chairs have powder coating to resist scratches and corrosion. They are popular in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, town halls, and convention centers.

    Metal folding chairs are versatile and come in a variety of colors. They can have fabric or vinyl padding, but we recommend the vinyl because of its low maintenance.

    Unlike plastic chairs, you may not be able to stack up metal folding chairs. These chairs often have carts for easy storage and transport.

    When choosing metal folding chairs, check the frame thickness, the number of hinges, braces, and coating. You also want to check the quality of the padding and availability of replacement accessories.

  3. Wood Folding Chairs

    If you love natural-looking furniture, nothing beats wood folding chairs. The best models come from birch, oak, and beech.

    Wood folding chairs come in diverse styles and designs, and some feature ornate carvings that accentuate your decor. It is often easy to replace or repair these chairs but they have a thicker frame compared to plastic types.

    Wooden chairs are stackable but they often take more space because of their bulky frame. They are also more prone to scratches and damage during storage and transportation. With adequate care, wooden chairs can last long and liven up your home and event venue.

  4. Bamboo Folding Chairs

    If you’ve enjoyed a vacation in South East Asia, you probably sat on one of these beauties. They are popular in that part of the world because of the abundance of the bamboo.

    These chairs are a common sight at themed parties such as bridal showers. Despite their Spartan looks, bamboo folding chairs are comfortable and provide adequate back support.

    The only issue is that they don’t stack together. And they need more time and labor to set up, store, and transport.

  5. Resin Folding Chairs

    Resin folding chairs are excellent alternatives to wood. They are stackable, durable, and most have UV resistance.
    Resin chairs are also long-lasting and scratches go unnoticed because the material is the same color inside out. The chairs are made from polypropylene, strengthening them than wood.

    They are also low maintenance, easy to store, and transport. While these are an alternative to timber, they lack natural wood grain.

  6. Blow Mold Plastic Folding Chairs

    Blow molding is used to create plastic folding chairs with hollow seats and backrests. The chairs are thicker but lightweight thanks to their hollow core.

    They are also comfortable, long-lasting, and affordable. However, these chairs are not stackable but you can store them on a cart.

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4 Main Uses for Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are lightweight, portable and easy to assembly. Here are four top uses of these dynamic chairs:

  1. Outdoor Seating

    One of the most popular use of folding chairs is for outdoor seating. Whether you are having a pool party, a barbecue night, or camping, these chairs are perfect for resting tired butts.
    They are easy and quick to set up on even and uneven surfaces for small and large groups of people. This makes them an excellent choice for weddings, birthday parties, and other open air events.

  2. Alfresco Dining

    Do you love to dine under the moonlight with your family? Folding tables and folding chairs can help you create magical moments with your loved ones.
    This furniture allows restaurants that provide an alfresco dining experience to create emergency seating arrangements for different groups. They are laid back, comfortable, and attract droves of diners.

  3. Emergency Seating

    Because of their ease of storage and transport, folding seats are ideal for venues that serve many people.
    Event centers, hotels, restaurants, and public places can easily accommodate more customers or guests with folding chairs. They just need to have the folding chairs somewhere close by and set them up as more people need seats.
    If you are buying folding chairs for your workplace, you may also want to read our office chair cushion buying guide. It provides everything you need to make your workstation more comfortable.

  4. Ideal for Busy Venues

    Venues that host multiple events per day can use folding seats to manage the influx of guests. They are easy to store, lightweight, and quick to set up.
    Whether you are hosting corporate meetings or award events, these folding furniture can help you seat every guest comfortably.

Folding Chair Benefits

Here are some benefits of folding chairs:

Top 7 Benefits That a Folding Furniture Offers

  1. Portable

    Folding chairs have exceptional portability. This makes them easy to carry around by hand or in a vehicle. Whether indoors and outdoors, these chairs are handy for most guests to lift.

  2. Versatile

    Folding chairs are extremely versatile. You can use them indoors, outdoors, and even in extreme environments.
    They are perfect for formal and informal occasions. You will find them in restaurants, weddings, kitchens, gardens, hospitals, and hotels.

  3. Lightweight

    Folding chairs lack the bulk of regular furniture. They are designed to be moved easily and set up quickly. This makes them easy to pack, store, and transport.

  4. Easy to Set Up

    Most folding chairs do not require any complicated assembly or setup. They have a quick folding mechanism that makes them the perfect emergency seating solution.

  5. Affordable

    Most folding chairs are extremely affordable. Even the high-end brands go for as low as $30 apiece.
    This means you can get high quality folding chairs for your home or business without hurting your bank account.

  6. Easy Storage

    Because of their small dimensions and lightweight design, folding chairs are easy to store. They require limited space, making them easy to transport and store.

  7. Traditional Appeal

    While there are many modern folding chair designs, most still retain that rustic appeal.
    These chairs are popular in the country where locals make them from wood. They are ideal for lounging on the porch or in the garden. If you buy a bamboo or wood version, this furniture can add a rustic feel to your space.
    If you love lounging in the sun and fresh air, you might want to check out our recliner reviews. It includes a guide to help you choose the best recliners to relax in comfort.

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Folding Chair Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Best Way to Keep Your Folding Chairs Clean

    Folding chairs can tolerate the elements, dirt, and rough handling because of their sturdy construction. But you need to clean them before and after use to avoid staining your clothes. This will also increase the longevity of the chairs.

    The best way to clean folding chairs is to wipe them down with a damp cloth after use. You can spot clean stains or use a mild soap and water to remove greasy stains before storage. Avoid using too much liquid with metallic folding chairs to prevent corrosion.

    Use a soft brush to remove stains to prevent scratching the surface. After washing, dry with a soft towel to prevent watermarks from ruining your hard work. If you have plenty of these chairs, you can make a chair washing machine. You can also buy a commercial folding chair washer if manual washing won’t do.

  • Folding Chair Maintenance Tips

    Here are tips to keep your folding chairs in top shape:

    • Clean the chair after use.
    • Pack and store the chair properly. Ensure you store indoors in a cool and dry place if the chair is not weather resistant.
    • Don’t use the folding chair as a ladder because it can break under pressure and cause serious injuries.
    • Inspect the chair for any cracks in the plastic.
    • Check for broken welds and brackets for quick repairs.
    • Check for missing screws and broken rivets and repair or replace the damaged parts.
    • Check the frame and legs for cracks and signs of weakness. Where you find serious structural issues, repair the chair or stop using it to prevent accidents.
    • Check the feet for missing feet caps. If the feet caps are missing or damaged, they can damage flooring and bend the chair frame.
    • Replace worn or stained padding that thorough washing cannot clean to keep the chair’s fresh look.
    • Cover the chairs during transportation and storage. This will reduce the chances of scratches in transit and prevent dust and debris accumulation in storage.
    • Keep an excess supply of your folding chair’s replaceable parts. That way, it becomes easier to replace and repair issues before they become serious. Thankfully, these parts are inexpensive.


Here are commonly asked questions about folding chairs:

  1. How often should I clean folding chairs?
    As a general rule, clean your folding chairs before and after using them. The first cleanup removes settled dust, and the second ensures there are no stains on the surface before storage. You may also want to check the instruction that came with the chair for cleaning instructions.
  2. Which folding chairs are most durable?
    Steel folding chairs are the most durable. But other materials such as wood, plastic, and resin are also sturdy. Most folding chairs regardless of material will serve you well with careful use and maintenance.
  3. Which color of a folding chair is best?
    It depends on your preferences. For ease of maintenance, black chairs are better at hiding dirt and stains. However, many people prefer the white color.
  4. What is the best use of folding chairs?
    Folding chairs are perfect for temporary seating. You can set them up quickly when you are hosting a group your static furniture cannot seat.
  5. Which folding chairs are available in the most colors?
    The metal folding chairs have the highest variety. This is because manufacturers and even owners can coat the frame in any color. The paddings can also be in various hues and shades of colors based on user preference.
  6. Should I buy a consumer or commercial folding chair?
    Consumer folding chairs are ideal for home use and may be more affordable. However, commercial versions are sturdier and more durable. They are designed to withstand frequent use and abuse but may also be more expensive.
  7. Which industries use folding chairs most?
    Folding chairs are common in diverse industries. But you will often find them in schools, religious centers, business outlets, hotels, and event centers.

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Wrap Up

Folding chairs are excellent for temporary seating arrangements. They make a great sight in the garden, the kitchen, the patio, and other indoor and outdoor spaces. These chairs are a favorite of event centers, religious organizations, educational institutes, and convention centers.

Folding chairs are so popular because of their lightweight design, versatility, easy setup, and affordability. The major problem many buyers face is choosing a quality product that offers durability, comfort, and affordability.

This makes it vital to choose the best folding chairs for private and commercial purposes. That way, you get a top quality folding chair without exceeding your budget.

These folding chair reviews provide you all the important details you need to buy high quality brands. Our in-depth guide offers a list of considerations, features, and specifications to look for in folding chairs.

We hope this article helps you choose folding chairs that deliver maximum returns on investments.